In the dynamic world of aviation, staying connected and informed is crucial for pilots. That’s why here at Depot Avionics, Inc., we’re dedicated to providing the latest and most advanced technology to enhance your flying experience. As proud members of the Garmin Aviation community, we are excited to introduce two groundbreaking Garmin products: the GTR 200 and GNC® 215.

GTR 200: Elevating Communication in the Skies 

The GTR 200 is a compact yet powerful radio and stereo intercom solution designed to streamline communication in the cockpit. With its slim 1.35″ tall design and large sunlight-readable display, the GTR 200 offers unparalleled clarity and visibility, even in bright cockpit conditions. Equipped with 10 watts of transmit power, this device ensures robust communication between pilots and air traffic control (ATC) or nearby aircraft. 

One of the standout features of the GTR 200 is its advanced audio panel capabilities, including 3D Audio and auto-squelch technology. These features optimize audio clarity and ease of use, allowing pilots to focus on flying without distractions. Additionally, optional Bluetooth® connectivity (available on GTR 200B versions) enables seamless integration with smartphones for hands-free calling and audio entertainment. 

The GTR 200 goes beyond traditional communication systems with its intuitive interface and customizable soft keys, providing quick access to essential functions such as emergency frequency tuning and pilot audio isolation. Moreover, standby frequency monitoring ensures that pilots never miss critical transmissions, enhancing situational awareness and safety in the cockpit. 

GNC® 215: Navigation and Communication Redefined 

Upgrade your cockpit with the GNC 215, a modern and cost-effective NAV/COMM radio offering advanced navigation and communication capabilities. Despite its slim 1.35″ height, this radio packs a punch with its full-color LCD display, intuitive user interface, and comprehensive navigation features. 

Featuring full VHF navigation capabilities, including VOR/ILS with localizer and glideslope, the GNC 215 empowers pilots with precise navigation tools for every phase of flight. With its built-in worldwide database, finding navaid frequencies is quick and effortless, while automatic station ID enhances situational awareness. 

On the communication front, the GNC 215 delivers reliable VHF communication with standard 10 watts of transmit power and pilot-selectable channel spacing. Its advanced features, such as frequency lookup and standby communication monitoring, streamline cockpit operations and enhance communication efficiency. 

Integration with Garmin primary flight displays and autopilot systems ensures seamless compatibility and interoperability, further enhancing the functionality and utility of the GNC 215. Additionally, optional features such as NVG compatibility and remote tuning via G3X Touch™ flight displays cater to the diverse needs of modern aviators. 

Instrument Panels: Optimizing Cockpit Efficiency 

In addition to cutting-edge radios like the GTR 200 and GNC 215, we offer a range of instrument panels designed to optimize cockpit efficiency and functionality. Our instrument panels are meticulously crafted to accommodate the latest avionics technology while maximizing space and ergonomics. 

Whether you’re upgrading an existing cockpit or outfitting a new aircraft, our expert team can design and install a customized instrument panel tailored to your specific needs and preferences. From integrated avionics suites to individual components, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life. 

Need Avionics Experts in Alamosa, CO?

Here at Depot Avionics, Inc., we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of aviation technology. That’s why we’re committed to offering the latest Garmin aviation products, including the GTR 200 and GNC 215, along with comprehensive support and services to ensure a seamless flying experience for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and take your cockpit to new heights of performance and efficiency.