ADS-B – Get started today!

There is a mandate that all aircraft have ADS-B OUT installed by the year 2020.  There are currently over 200,000 aircraft that will need it to fly into all the airspace that you currently need a transponder for.  So strictly doing the math, there are only about 700 avionics shops in the USA that can complete the ADS-B installation. Most avionics shops are able to complete 50 or so ADSB installations a year. As we get closer and closer to the 2020 deadline it will become harder to find and installation slot and the necessary equipment to have your aircraft upgraded. Bottom line… get your ADS-B upgrade scheduled today to assure you’ll be able to fly into the airspace you want for years to come. Checkout for more information or schedule lunch with Mark to make a plan and review your options.

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